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Round The Clock Care For Your Fur Babies



When you need a place for your dog to stay, our boarding service is the perfect solution. Your dog will enjoy playtime and socialising with other dogs, making sure your pet receives plenty of love and attention. This service includes food and accommodation in a warm and private room.



Small Dogs (under 10kg) $25

Medium Dogs (10-30kg) $30

Large Dogs (over 30kg) $35

Solo Run (Dog needs to be isolated) $5 surcharge

Long Stay Discount (7 nights or more) -10%


If you're looking for a safe and fun environment for your dog while you're busing during the day, our Doggy Day Care has you covered. Our experienced staff provide plenty of exercise and playtime to keep your furry friend active and happy. You can rest easy knowing that your pet is in good hands and having a blast.

We offer a free door to door pick up and drop off service from Hawera every Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday (public holidays not included).


Per Day $25

10 Trip Pass $230



Our cattery offers comfortable accommodations for your feline friend, with both indoor and outdoor play areas available. Each cat receives individual attention to ensure they are happy and healthy during their stay with us. You can enjoy your time away knowing your beloved kitty is well looked after with us.


Per Night $15

Long Stay Discount (7 nights or more) -10%


Other Animal Boarding:

(Rabbit, Bird, Lizard, etc) $10 per night

Dog Nail Clipping: $10

Dog Wash & Dry:

Small Dogs (under 10kg) $15

Medium Dogs (10-30kg) $20

Large Dogs (over 30kg) $25

More Grooming Services Coming Soon!

Dog Wash


What do I need to bring for my pet?

A collar, with a name tag, special food for any dietary requirements, provided in an airtight container and any required medication clearly labelled with name and instructions.

Does my pet need to be treated for Fleas & Worms before coming to Pawtea?

Yes please, at least 7 days before drop off.


Do you supply our pet’s food?

Yes, your pet’s feed is covered under your boarding rate. If your pet has special dietary requirements you will need to supply the food and bring enough on drop off for the length of your pet’s stay.

Can I bring my pet’s toys / etc?

We supply toys, bowls and blankets, so there’s really no need, but if your pet is anxious or not used to being away from home a familiar toy or blanket is probably a good idea.

I have 2 pets, can they share a room?

Certainly, we have larger rooms, specifically for animals to share, or for larger breeds that need more room.

My pet isn’t very social, can they be kept apart from other animals?

We have multiple enclosures, so it’s possible. We assess new pets for their suitability to socialise with other animals in our facility. If your pet needs to be isolated from other animals there is a surcharge of $5 per day.

What vaccinations are required?

We ask all our guests to be fully vaccinated. Dogs must have their Distemper, Hepatitis, and Parvo (DHP), and Canine Cough (KC or CC) vaccinations up to date. We also highly recommend the Lepto vaccine. Cats must have their “core” vaccine.

Does my pet need to be de-sexed before coming to Pawtea?

No, but if your pet is not desexed they may have to be kept isolated from our other guests which incurs a surcharge of $5 per day. Please contact us to confirm.

Can I bring my pet’s own food?

Sure. Please make sure it’s in a clearly labelled air tight container.

My pet needs medication, is this ok?

Absolutely, we will medicate your pet as required. Our team is also trained on giving injections eg insulin.

Can my dog have a bath before coming home?

Yes we can bathe our guests before sending them home, send us a message for pricing or more information.

Can I come and have a look around the facility?

Sure, send us a message through our contact page and we’d be happy to arrange a tour.

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